Rita Wilson is tuning up with a new album, Troubadour show

Rita Wilson’s filmography is peppered with pop songs, such as “Raise Your Voice” (in which she played the mom of an aspiring singer) and the massive-screen version of “Mamma Mia!” (which she and her husband, Tom Hanks, executive created). Next week the L.A. native will take the mike herself with “AM/FM,” an album featuring interpretations of 14 hits from the 1960s and ’70s. Wilson spoke with Pop &amp Hiss ahead of her gig Friday night at the Troubadour.

You picked some fantastic songs for “AM/FM”: “Wichita Lineman,” the Supremes’ “Come See About Me,” “By no means My Really like” by the Association. Choosing what to sing should have taken permanently.

Entirely. We started with a great deal of songs — at least a hundred, maybe more. I looked at each and every song as a monologue: What is this person attempting to say?

Did that make you hear anything in a new way?

I grew up a initial-generation American, and my mom drilled into us that our reputations had been so essential. So “Angel of the Morning,” when I first heard it as a teenager, I thought it was sung from a teenager’s point of see. It was this story about a young lady who decides to sleep with this man then it is the actuality of, ‘Oh my God — he did not truly love me!’ When I started recording it, I thought of it in a different way: This could be a woman who’s had a whole lifestyle, and now she’s just longing for some kind of companionship.

The album’s title implies a connection with the radio. How do you uncover new songs?

I nevertheless use the radio — FM and XM [satellite radio]. I also have children, so they maintain me fresh on some of the existing music.

Your son Chester scored a viral rap hit final year beneath the name Chet Haze. Ought to we anticipate to see a family band soon?

Yes, we’re touring as the Hanks 5 [laughs]. When they have been developing up, I was pretty adamant that they take music lessons. I didn’t attempt to tell them what instrument to learn, so they tried distinct factors: trumpet, piano, bass, drums. But they all nevertheless play songs, and that was the goal.


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— Mikael Wood

Photograph: Actress/singer Rita Wilson performs onstage in the course of Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Battle Evening XIII held at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort &amp Spa. Credit: Mike Moore / Getty Photos

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