nicki minaj justin bieber amas

NICKI Minaj looks to be at the height of ecstasy during her raunchy
performance with Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards.

The singer – who also performed solo in a fluffy wintry outfit – pulled a sex
face as she thrust her bulging behind in the teen titan’s direction.

Newly-single Justin appeared equally caught up in the saucy moment, pushing
his middle region towards the busty rap queen’s booty and pulling hungrily
at his red leather trousers.

The stars’ Beauty And The Beat collaboration was among the live highlights at
the prize-giving bash at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

But there was a host of other stellar performances on the night.

Nicki Minaj  620 a 1622748a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Showing lots of Minaj-ination … Nicki performs in wintry outfit

Christina Aguilera vied to out-boob Nicki in typically revealing stage attire.

The singer ensured her ample assets didn’t go unnoticed in a star-emblazoned
bodysuit at the 40th anniversary bash, where she performed Lotus, Army Of Me
and Let There Be Love.

Christina Aguilera 1622747a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Breast intentions … Christina Aguilera

She also teamed up with rapper Pitbull – looking dapper in a suit – for Feel
This Love.

AMAs 02 1622764a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

He’s got the hump … Pitbull thrusts himself at Christina Aguilera

R&B star Usher opened the three-hour show in eye-catching style, courtesy
of a green laser beam display.

Dressed in black apart from a pair of red trainers, he played a medley of
songs that included Numb, Climax and Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Usher 620a 1622749a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Opening act … Usher

Carly Rae Jepsen, who beat One Direction to the New Artist Of The Year award,
also performed early on in the ceremony.

The Canadian singer drew attention to her legs in a little white frock and

Singer Carly Rae 6 1622750a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Bit of all white … Carly Rae Jepsen

Chris Brown flaunted even more skin, going open-shirted for his Everydays
Birthday collaboration with Swizz Beatz and Ludacris.

However, the R&B bad boy’s stint on stage has sparked controversy, with
some eagle-eyed observers claiming he mimed his vocals.

Chris Brown 620 1622752a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Flesh-flasher … Chris Brown

The Brits were represented in the form of The Wanted, who all dressed to the
nines in smart evening clobber.

They gave a rendition of their song I Found You that went down such a storm,
they received a standing ovation at the end.

The Wanted 620a 1622753a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Standing ovation … The Wanted

Pink also had the audience mesmerised, recreating her complex choreography
from her Try video for a live version of the single.

And she once again displayed impressive strength when she lifted her buff male
co-star off the stage.

AMAs 11 1622755a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Manning up … Pink

Taylor Swift proved she’s not all sweetness and light with a darkly brooding
performance of her song I Knew You Were Trouble.

The singer – who bagged the Favourite Female Country Artist gong – apparently
wrote the lyrics about her lothario former boyfriend John Mayer.

AMAs 09 1622757a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Dark side … Taylor Swift

Gwen Stefani turned heads in a black bra and sheer top when she took to the
fray with No Doubt.

She teamed her revealing top with tight leather trousers.

AMAs 08 1622758a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Bra-vellous … Gwen Stefani

Less graceful onstage was Ke$ ha, who looked distinctly ungainly throughout her
performance of new single Die Young.

The towering singer appeared to be doing a dodgy version of the Can-Can at one
point, proving she’s not quite as blessed as Gwen in the flexibility stakes.

AMAs 07 1622759a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Ungainly … Ke$ ha

Kelly Clarkson showed she can do style as well as belting out power ballads in
a bra-revealing leather dress adorned with sparklers.

Her microphone was just as bling, glittering in the stage lights during her
greatest hits medley.

AMAs 06 1622760a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Bling … Kelly Clarkson

Linkin Park provided a dose of heavy rock, while Carrie Underwood looked
gothic in a black dress and trendy heels.

AMAs 05 1622761a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Rock stars … Linkin Park

Legend Stevie Wonder paid tribute to American radio and TV star Dick Clark,
who died of a heart attack in April, aged 82.

The star performed a mash-up of his best-loved tunes while images of the
broadcasting icon flashed on a screen behind him.

AMAs 04 1622762a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Going gothic … Carrie Underwood

But the biggest cheers of the night were saved for South Korean star PSY’s
duet with early-90s rap favourite MC Hammer.

AMAs 03 1622763a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Tribute … Stevie Wonder

The unlikely pair closed the event with a version of PSY’s monster viral hit
Gangnam Style, with Hammer nailing the song’s famous horse-riding dance.

The forgotten US rapper then reminded the audience of his past with a
performance of his aptly-titled 1991 tune Too Legit To Quit.

AMAs 01 1622765a nicki minaj justin bieber amas

Hammer time Gangnam Style … MC Hammer and PSY

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