New Song: R. Kelly – “Tear it Up (Ft. Future)”

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Midlife crisis victim R. Kelly

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than R. Kelly’s “My Story”, the former leader of Contemporary R&B is back with even more embarrassing song. The heavily auto-tuned “Tear it Up” features Future and reminds us why it may be best for some artists to retire before their creative juices stop flowing.

“Tear it Up” is another supposed throwback to the 12 Play era of Kelly’s career but it is far from reminiscent of his glory days. Instead, the song is a poorly written and produced cliche that is a stain on an almost flawless catalogue of hits. This really is how a midlife sounds and I just wish someone would make it stop.

Expect Kelly to release his Black Panties album in December. The record will also include appearances by 2 Chainz and Alicia Keys. Listen to the horrible “Tear it Up” below:

“This music is bleak!”

The Lava Lizard