Ludacris Gives Back To The Community With Epic Book Drive

Post by Alex Stone, Sep 2, 2011 at 4:11 pm

Ludacris SunglassesLudacris launched the Epic Book Drive back in April to help bring books to high need schools in New Orleans which is still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina damaged over 80% of the city’s public schools. According to the Epic Book Drive website in the most effected areas only 1 book was left after the storm for every 300 children.

Ludacris took on the role of spokesman and recorded PSA’s for the drive which had Better World Books and facilitate the logistics. The Epic Book Drive was not only gigantic but also efficient with the organizers providing pickup service for large quantities of books and allowing participants access to Better World’s database to sort through anything they collected.

The campaign has been a success with over 100, 000 participants, mostly from high schools across the US, donating over 250, 000 books. While some of the books will go straight into the libraries of 69 schools, which provide service for more than 30, 000 students, any of the reading material that isn’t used by the schools will be sold to raise funds for supplies.

“I’m proud to be a part of the Epic Book Drive and to see that over 100,000 young people participated,” said Ludacris. “By collecting such a huge number of books for those in need, teens around the country showed they haven’t forgotten about New Orleans and the Recovery School District.”

Ludacris is taking a break from his charity endeavours at his Luda Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia which started yesterday, and will be performing early next month at BayFest Music Festival.

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