Latest Radiohead demo is a hoax; real songwriter pops up on CNN

The buzz behind the outdated Radiohead demo that developed a frenzy in the blogosphere final week was deflated Friday as news rapidly spread that the song “How Do You Sit Even now/ Placing Ketchup in the Fridge” was not truly recorded by the band.

Canadian musician/baker Christopher Stopa appeared on CNN on Friday morning with anchor Erin Burrnett to verify that the track, originally referred to as “Sit Nevertheless,” was in fact his creation. Stopa says that the Web buzz over the new track caught him by shock, especially considering that he did not post the song and claims to have no notion who did.

“What began coming out my speakers sounded really familiar and right after a couple seconds, properly wait a second, this is my song,” Stopa told CNN. “My first believed was to assume somehow I had hit play on my iTunes.”

Taking into consideration that the song was originally pegged as a buried gem from Radiohead’s early ’90s materials a la “Pablo Honey” or “The Bends,” it was surprising to hear that Stopa recorded the song in 2001 with a band he had at the time. It’s been more than a year considering that Stopa recorded or played any music, opting to get into the bakery organization with a friend following his music career began to stall. Because news of the song spread final week, it is garnered over 96,000 views on You Tube.

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