Janet Jackson draws heat from PETA for promoting fur fashion line

There are a lot of worthy candidates for “Grinch of 2011.” But as far as the rights group Men and women for the Ethical Therapy of Animals is concerned, the “Octomom” and Charlie Sheen don’t hold a candle to Janet Jackson for her affiliation with fur style organization Blackglama.

Now in her second year as the brand’s celebrity spokesperson, Jackson is catching flak from the animal rights group, which voted her “Grinch of 2011.” Along with bestowing the title on Jackson, PETA produced some relativey hurtful (and pun-filled) comments about the pop star in a latest statment:

“When Janet Jackson had her infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’ during the Super Bowl, at least the flesh that popped into view was her very own,” writes PETA’s Jeff Mackey. “As opposed to the stolen animal skins that she drapes herself with, which are as dead as her taste in style (not to mention her profession). Ms. Jackson, you’re just plain nasty.”

Neither Jackson nor Blackglama has responded to PETA’s harsh words.


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— Nate Jackson

Photo: Janet Jackson   Credit: Ryan Pierse / Getty Photos

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