Coachella 2012: Lost and found: Your phone

Her phone's not lost

What is the most lost item at Coachella?

“Phones, phones, phones,” says Kimberly Galdamez, who performs both the information kiosk and lost and discovered at the festival. “We have entire sections of just iPhones, and then just phones.”

There are hundreds, she laments.

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“It really is more frequent than you’d think. Individuals leave them in Porta Potties, they drop them, they get stolen,” she says. The list goes on and on.

“But individuals are turning them in, that is what’s genuinely weird,” says yet another data officer functioning with Galdamez, who requested anonymity.

“Yeah!” exclaims Galdamez. “One girl came in and mentioned, ‘I lost my phone 3 occasions this weekend and each and every time I got it back.’ Anyplace else you drop your cellphone three instances, and you never get it back.”

Also, it really should be noted, you would not shed your cellphone three times anyplace else. A single can picture the overwhelming smell of pot on the polo area may contribute to this particular state of affairs.

The second most lost item? Backpacks.

“It sucks for global men and women whose existence is in their backpack and it just got stolen,” Galdamez says. “It just breaks my heart.”

Coming in third is credit cards, wallets and IDs. The latter I can relate to as a good friend of mine just lost hers. We’re particular, even so, that a special angel is turning it into lost and identified as I create this.


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–Jessica Gelt

Photograph: A music fan is illuminated by her cellphone although waiting for Mazzy Star to perform the very first day of the Coachella Arts and Music Festival. Credit: Arkasha Stevenson / Los Angeles Times

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