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Bobby Shmurda’s Bail Denied Again

BobbyShmurda BradBarket 630x420 Bobby Shmurdas Bail Denied AgainBrad Barket, Getty Images

Bobby Shmurda lost another chance to get out on bail as he faces an upcoming trial on drugs and weapons charges. A judge denied the Brooklyn rapper’s bid for bail, which is set at $ 2 million, during a hearing in New York today (Oct. 5).

According to Page Six, Shmurda appeared in the courtroom with his new attorney Alex Spiro after he dumped his previous lawyer Kenneth Montgomery. Judge James Burke set a new trial date for the case, which is set to begin on Feb. 22.

Spiro then requested that Shmurda be released from jail until his trial starts, but Special Narcotics Prosecutor Nigel Farinha argued that Shmurda had requested four bail applications in the past and they all have been denied. He also stated that his case had only gotten stronger in recent months and that Shmurda has ties to Florida and a net worth of half a million dollars. Subsequently, Judge Burke denied Spiro’s bail request.

So that would mean that Shmurda and his 14 other co-defendents — who are alleged GS9 members — will spend a year and some change in jail. As we previously reported, the “Hot Boy” rhymer and his crew were arrested last December on a slew of gun, murder and conspiracy charges stemming from the slaying of a 19-year-old rival.

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Will Smith’s Birthday Tribute to Wife Jada Pinkett Smith Will Touch Your Heart

This was taken at your mom’s house 20 years ago. That’s a long time ago!!! So I decided to do some math… I have sung…

Posted by Will Smith on Friday, September 18, 2015

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Beyonce Is Chasing Love on the Soaring Ballad ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)’

runnin cvr art 300x300 Beyonce Is Chasing Love on the Soaring Ballad Runnin (Lose It All)Naughty Boy Music We all must give thanks to English producer Naughty Boy for giving us a new song featuring Beyonce. On Thursday (Sept. 17), the hitmaker dropped the soaring ballad “Runnin’ (Lose It All)’ featuring Bey and crooner Arrow Benjamin.

The song is a sprawling power pop tune with its downing piano grooves, chaotic dance beat and an infectious hook so big that it will undoubtedly catch your ears. “Nothing else matters now; you’re not here / So where are you? / I’ve been calling you, missing you,” Beyonce yearns in the lead verse.

Benjamin follows Queen Bey in the second verse with his powerful vocals about searching for a love that is hard to find. “I’ve outrun the fears that chased, they’re standing still / I’m running still, I’m running still / And every voice that cries inside my head, forever drives / Forever drives, I kill the lights,” he croons.

Not only does the song sound fantastic, the accompanying music video is equally stunning. The clip features two aquatic-crossed lovers who seemingly find each after running underwater across the ocean sea board. The visual will leave you asking yourself how these two people were able to hold their breaths underwater for such a long period of time?

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Luke Christopher Bridges Past and Present With ‘YSTRDY’ and ‘TMRW’ EPs

favorite songs? iTunes/Spotify link in bio. #TMRW /#YSTRDY

A photo posted by Luke Christopher (@aylukechristopher) on Sep 12, 2015 at 9:22am PDT

Luke Christopher‘s fans are winning right now. The rapper has released two new EPs: YSTRDY and TMRW.

YSTRDY features remastered versions of previously released tracks from the California-bred artist, including the love song “They Know” featuring singer Treasure Davis. The second effort, TMRW, focuses on moving forward with all new music. Luke is clearly following the theme of yesterday (the old stuff) and tomorrow (a fresh start).

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All Them Witches share new song “Open Passageways” — listen

Nashville psych-rock outfit All Them Witches have always been adventurous. The group has already released two epics with 2012’s Our Mother Electricity and 2014’s Lightning at the Door. But now they’re attempting to dig even deeper into their grimy ethos. Holing up in a remote cabin in Tennessee for six days to record new material, creating a whole world and story with the songs. These sessions are now being released as their new album, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, out October 30th via New West Records. Ahead of its release, the band has shared a new single called “Open Passageways”.

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Copyright battle over YouTube video with Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” sets new fair use precedent

An infamous copyright lawsuit involving Prince’s classic “Let’s Go Crazy” and a dancing baby has been toiling in the court system since 2007. On Tuesday, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco delivered a decision that not only took the wind out of Prince’s sails, but set a strict new precedent for rights holder’s ability to issue takedown notices.

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Aaliyah’s Tribute Fragrance Embodies Beauty and Mystery [VIDEO]

Aaliyah may be gone but her musical legacy continues to live on. Now her spirit has a scent. The late singer’s mother and brother, Diane and Rashad Haughton, have teamed up with perfume maker Xyrena to create an Aaliyah tribute fragrance.

According to a press release, the unisex fragrance leans masculine because Aaliyah loved traditional men’s scents but is sexy enough for women as it features various notes of vanilla, sandalwood, mint, lavender, mandarin and other scents.

“It has been wonderful working with Xyrena to create an incredible fragrance that embodies the beauty, mystery, and creativity that my sister infused into every aspect of her life,” said Rashad Haughton.

“I grew up with Aaliyah’s music,” added Killian Wells, Xyrena’s CEO. “As a huge fan, this is a very personal release for me and my company. We set out to create a fragrance to be cherished by Aaliyah’s fans and also introduce her to a new generation.”

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